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A Guide to Quality Management System Fundamentals

A Quality Managment System is designed to tremendously help your organization achieve organizational transparency and efficency. But for that to happen you still need to choose the right system for your company. A QMS – short for Quality Management System – is a software (usually either web-based or web-enabled) providing a collaborative platform in order to [...]

8 Reasons to add eForms to your Capture Strategy

We are all well accustomed to filling out paper documents and signing hard copy paperwork. Before the dawn of the Internet and still to this day, folders and filing cabinets are have been used to organize and store important data. If we had to pin down one key advantage of using the Internet, it would [...]

Case Management: Smart Applications for Smart Decisions

Case Management will bring order into the chaos of case files and tremenduously help your knowledge workers to make smarter decisions, well at least you have been told so. But how does it really work? First off, let’s define what case management is about. A case is a collection of information related to a specific [...]

Everything you want to know about Digital Signatures

Signatures affects every company and are part of every business processes. If done manually, the signing process can be time-wasting, costly, and subject to delays and workflow obstructions. Digital signatures are a legal and secure way to streamline your signing process. No contract is legally binding in the absence of an individual’s John Hancock. For [...]

Trend Analysis: ECM in the Cloud

It is no mystery that cloud computing is becoming more and more ubiquitous, so let's take a closer look at the potential of Enterprise Content Management systems in the Cloud, and what can it bring for your organization. As we wrote on our Top Trends of 2015 in the ECM World article, cloud computing is set [...]