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Ensuring the Security of Your ECM System

Credits: Freepik Guaranteeing the security and privacy of your organization's data and files is critical. Learn how ECM systems can help you reach high level of security across your company. All around the world, enterprises, financial institutions and government agencies rely on ECM systems to store, manage and share files. Data security and privacy is [...]

Industry Insight: Building a New Web Content Management

Credits: Freepik Web content and experience management solutions already allow organizations to build and manage rich online experiences on the web across various digital channels and device platforms and will soon be offering much more. Web Content Management (WCM) is used to create, to create, manage, store, and deploy web content. WCM is a subgenre [...]

Implementing a Document Management System

An unorganized office is enough to drive anyone crazy, and can be dreadful for companywide productivity, not to mention employee morale. No one enjoys collaborating in a messy workspace. So, if your desk is chalked full of papers and there heaps of files lying about, it’s time you started taking efficiency a little more seriously! [...]

Tips and Advice for your Content Management

By this point, you are likely familiar with the phrase, “content is king.” If this statement had any truth upon its inception, words have now become the crowned jewel of the Internet marketing landscape. Prominent search engines like Google and Bing scrutinize web pages to a high degree to ensure the provided copy is functional, [...]