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SharePoint as an ECM: Verdict

Is Microsoft's flagship product for enterprise collaboration capable of providing a complete ECM solution? As SharePoint 2010 was introduced as the ‘ECM for the Masses’, packing up classic ECM tools with social and collaboration, search based applications, compatible with CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Standard) and boasting to achieve compliance (with many document retention, record management, [...]

The To-Do List to Migrate your Content to the Cloud

Migrating from an on-premise ECM solution to a Cloud-based ECM is challenging, but following these recommendations will make the transition smoother. Granted that you carefully considered your organizations’ needs, goals and requirements and decided that a cloud-based ECM would the appropriate solution, you still have to be careful when migrating your content to a cloud [...]

Alfresco: Tree View with CSS

Learn how to display a Tree View in Alfresco with collapsible capacity without any plugin, simply by using CSS. Last week I had to display results in Tree View, with collapsible capacity. As you know there are many plug-ins extensions available and I’ve seen various examples about doing it with CSS. They’ve all required JavaScript [...]

EFSS and ECM: The Face-Off

EFSS solutions have been steadily gaining the favors of individuals, and are now making their way into the corporate sphere. Is that a bad omen for the ECM industry? The answer is not so simple. While the ECM industry has been making changes to keep up with the current trends – cloud, mobility, and IoT [...]

How to: Migrate (and Upgrade) IBM® Content Manager OnDemand

Follow our 7-step tutorial to understand how to migrate and upgrade IBM® Content Manager OnDemand. In this tutorial we are going to learn about how can we Migrate IBM® Content Manager OnDemand servers across hardware along with upgrading to desired software version. Upgrade across platforms or change in DB type is out of scope for this tutorial. We can [...]