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We are all well accustomed to filling out paper documents and signing hard copy paperwork. Before the dawn of the Internet and still to this day, folders and filing cabinets are have been used to organize and store important data.

If we had to pin down one key advantage of using the Internet, it would have to be the convenience it offers consumers and business owners. Realistically, how easy is it to type something into a search engine like Google or fill out an application online?

Collect, Capture, Create

Modern features like digital saving make the process easier than ever before, but they are not the only reasons why companies should jump on the eForm bandwagon. When it comes to capturing leads, the holy grail of all Internet marketing endeavors;it never hurts to have some extra help. This is where eForms come into effect. Do not take our word for it; let the advantage speak for themselves!

No need for new form creation – you can effortlessly reuse word documents and PDF files. This considerably reduces the time needed to put together new forms all of the time, and makes the fill-out process easy and uniform for your users.

Information for the taking – eForms result in the collection of “e-data,” which can be quickly saved and exported to a XML or CSV file. Where else can you store thousands of contacts in a neat and organized system, all with the simple click of a button?

Manual data entry is on the decline – A majority of eForm products allow businesses to edit and transfer existing customer information from a live database. Client profiles can be automatically updated.

Signature collection – digital signing has been legally binding almost as long as the Internet has been around, and is used by businesses worldwide. eForms offer numerous preventive measures such as password challenges and signature pads to prevent unauthorized capture.

Streamlined workflow–working inside an electronic system naturally means companies are able to track and organize data quicker and more efficiently. Filing cabinets are mainly paperweights (no pun intended) these days, and are piling up in landfills for this very reason.

Digital integration – Since eForms are usually saved in universal file formats like PDFs, they can be easily copied and stored in various places (e.g. the cloud, your desktop, etc.). Virtual system integration is a must, so make sure the software you are using allows for it.

No problems with current versions – Paper forms are changed about every two months, and business owners often get lost in the shuffle because of this. eForms, on the other hand, can be instantly updated and tracked.

Mobile forms – People are always on the go, and they are always signing up for services and buying products while out and about. eForms are mobile device friendly, and it does not take a rocket scientist to realize the benefit of that!

There you have it, just a few reasons why you should be using digital forms for purposes of capture. Productivity and profit margins are the bottom line!

Do you also think that eForms would benefit your organization’s efficiency and productivity?

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