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IBM recently released a whole new Software-as-a-Service Solution named ‘IBM Navigator on Cloud’. The solution is set to increase employees’ productivity and collaboration by making the enterprise content management solution available on the cloud.

Indeed, with IBM Navigator on Cloud knowledge workers can directly publish, share and synchronize their content across the web, mobile and any desktop devices they need to get work done, bringing to them an innovative and enhanced collaborative experience.

Built and securely maintained on the SoftLayer and the IBM ECM Experience Platforms, IBM Navigator on Cloud is fully secured and flexible, making its implementation, configuration and maintenance easy and simply completed in a few clicks.

Moreover, the solution uses an open and industry standard application programming interface to include content management into other development projects, and customers can extend their investment by creating new applications and integrate the solution with pre-existing systems.


Benefits of IBM Navigator on Cloud:


  • Enable mobile and web content collaboration, including rich document preview capabilities that allow users to efficiently compare and identify documents and versions.
  • Help users search and act on content more easily and with greater security in a managed and auditable environment.
  • Ease of use that leverages the ECM experience platform based on IBM Content Navigator.
  • Deliver customized content solutions with a flexible cloud model that accelerates time to market.
  • Take advantage of a powerful IBM ECM and cloud foundation that includes IBM SoftLayer, IBM Content Navigator and IBM ECM technology.

Are you interested in implementing IBM Navigator on Cloud or are you looking for additional information?

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  1. I would agree with Dion Hinchciffe in his article , and am inlcined to agree with some points he made about the downsides of SP cost and complexity, not web 2.0 native, self service not emphasized. Although its marketed as mainly a SMB tools, its really not ideal for small firms, especially the sub 100 segment. Light weight web native solutions like are more suitable for this context.

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