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As new technologies emerge, the way we do business changes. There is a strong focus in the current marketplace on business transformation and the systems that support it.

Business transformation is about making fundamental changes in how business is conducted in order to help cope with a shift in market environment. (source: Wikipedia)

Enterprise Content Management is at the center of any change. What we learn from our business content, determines largely, how we do our business. While the fundamentals haven’t changed, the need to do more with your data has definitely become evident. ECM is now required to do more with content than ever before while becoming more secure and available.

Distributed Content Systems

A challenge that was of the past has been emerging again and the heart of the problem is bloated ECM systems and projects that don’t meet all their requirements and become challenging to implement, manage and maintain. The desire to solve a specific business challenge with a point solution is highly desirable. What businesses need is an ECM system that can accommodate business transformation. The benefits of a centralized content management system are still there, but businesses need an ECM partner with the skills required to develop the requirements within their core ECM system and stay away from the allure of adding yet another point (silo) solution that meets a small handful of business requirements.

Limit Business Requirements

Smaller, agile, projects with less requirements are your best chance at building an ECM system that lasts and continues to provide value to an organization. Reality is, different business units need different requirements from their content management system, there is really no way in effectively getting away from trying to please different user groups with one system. As a business, it is important to see the value in having a core ECM solution as an asset to your organization as it enables smoother more cost-effective business transformation.

At the center of any business transformation is business content. Your content delivers your business value and what you derive from your content drives your business forward.

Drive Your Content Forward

Business transformation is all about content. What you learn from your data enables you to move forward. Data analytics, big data, big insights all rely on organized, structured data that makes sense. Starting with an enterprise content management system gives your organization a great chance at succeeding in any business transformation projects.

What’s Next?

Get control of your content, build project requirements into your existing systems, grow your content strategy by introducing few requirements at a time. Make the most of your Enterprise Content Management system and don’t forget the role it can play in successful business transformation initiatives. Work with your content team to ensure that business information is available to whomever, whenever and wherever. Remember, business transformation starts with information and information comes from content. Content management experts are available to help with your business transformation initiatives.

Work with Reva Solutions today to develop an ECM strategy that takes your business into the future and enables business transformation.

Pall Musaev
Pall Musaev is Regional Manager for Reva Solutions and is based out of Toronto, Ontario. His passion for solving business challenges allows him to be creative and to bring together the right resources to execute the most challenging business requirements.

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  1. Great post Steve. I also think it is interesting how often the temgrnoloiy changes. We have a community for IM professionals (www.openmethodology.org) and have bookmarked this post for our users. Look forward to reading your work in the future.

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