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Store, Backup and Recover Data
Flexible and Secure
Deploy Cross-Platform Applications
Run Your Enterprise Applications on the Cloud
Perform Analytics and Run Computer Jobs
Leverage IoT


The only Cloud you’ll ever need

There’s a good reason why Microsoft Azure is a leader in IaaS Platforms. In fact, there are over 60 reasons – that’s how many services Azure offers. These services range from standard Virtual Machines and Storage to Analytics to Web & Mobile to space-age services such as Intelligence and Internet of Things.

Microsoft’s Azure platform is what cloud solutions are supposed to be – agile and affordable. You can quickly deploy all the infrastructure and services your business requires. There are 26 Azure data centers around the globe, and you only pay for what you use – there are no upfront costs to Microsoft Azure itself.

With over fifteen years of implementation and development experience, Reva is uniquely positioned to help you make your business global and agile by bringing it on the Cloud.

Take advantage of Microsoft Azure with our expertise in helping businesses of all sizes creatively meet their needs.

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