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SharePoint Cloud Platform

One platform, multiple applications.

Implementing SharePoint is adopting an enterprise collaboration solution with enhanced security technologies, intuitive management tools and accessible from anywhere, at any time. SharePoint’s competitive advantage is the versatibility of its cloud platform that can be implemented as an internal collaboration tools, as an Enterprise Content Management System, and can be used to speed-up the development and deployment of enterprise-wide applications.

As a certified SharePoint expert, Reva Solutions provides a wide range of SharePoint services using industry best practices and spanning from basic configuration and implementation of the server, to developing enterprise scale applications that help you extend the platform’s functionality and take full advantage of SharePoint’s out-of-the-box capabilities.

Boost your SharePoint capabilities with tailored-made, powerful and affordable SharePoint solutions developed by Reva Solutions to answer your unique business requirements.   


Making the Shift to the Cloud:

The agility, flexibility and economic advantages of the cloud explains the progressive shift from on-premise technologies to cloud computing, and the increasing number of enterprises leveraging its power and resources by investing in cloud application development.

Cloud platforms have the huge advantage of empowering custom applications with a cost effective and faster time to market development. Whether it is on Salesforce or SharePoint, these platform-as-a-service enable to build applications that can be integrated with your organization IT infrastructure and back-end systems, while ensuring simplicity, scalability and reliability.

Cloud applications enable you to keep up with the ever changing and competitive market by delivering faster business value for lower infrastructure costs, as well as edge-cutting capabilities and features that will launch you ahead of the competition.


Develop your Custom Solution with our SharePoint Experts:

We can offer comprehensive custom SharePoint solution development for organization of any scale and size. Our development services include design, development, testing, deployment, and guidance throughout the whole implementation of your SharePoint solution, as well as maintenance, support, migration and training.

Microsoft SharePoint custom development allows us to create tailor-fit enterprise solutions to meet your specific business needs. SharePoint offers a large range of opportunities, from document management, to automated business processes, web-based applications, and other collaboration projects.

Our team is Microsoft certified, and is competently knowledgeable and experienced to deliver high-end solutions to your organization.


Why Using SharePoint for your Solution Development Needs?

Choosing SharePoint for your enterprise applications needs is advantageous from several points of view:

  • Improved team productivity: Instantly connect employees with the resources they need. Collaboration tools include team workspaces, synced calendars, notifications & alerts, tracking & sharing of files and content.
  • Security & Integrity: SharePoint in the Cloud provides enhanced security features to manage your document safely: versioning, revisions screening, document & asset-level security, etc.
  • Data Insight: gain insight on your data through custom reporting, and accurate search capabilities
  • Fast Application Development: SharePoint in the Cloud provides a platform that speed up the time to market of your custom solutions using Visual Studio




Configuration & Implementation
Reva configures, sets up and deploys your SharePoint farm across your organization in accordance to your specific business needs.
Migration & Integration
We support the migration process of your data to the newest SharePoint platform, and we integrate your backend systems’ data and line of business application.
We design and deploy portals for enterprise collaboration such as intranet, extranet, and internet portals.
Support & Maintenance
We provide continuous maintenance and support for all your SharePoint applications.
Process Automation
We help you streamline and automate your repeatable business processes by creating tailored workflows and implementing customized InfoPath forms.
Custom SharePoint Solutions Development
Not enough? We can also develop custom solutions for your business. Built on top of the SharePoint platform, they extend the functionality of the Microsoft solution.
Enterprise Content Management
Upon your needs, we can deploy SharePoint as an enterprise-grade content management system to help you manage, store, centralize, retrieve and search content across your enterprise by configuring SharePoint out-of-the-box features to fit your Document Management requisites.

Why do businesses choose Reva Solutions for their SharePoint needs?

We’ve built our brand one client, one project at a time.

Over 15 years of working with various organizations across various industries worldwide.

ECM is our space, it has been since day one and we’ve stayed committed and focused on ECM technologies.

We’ve kept up to the latest offerings and our team is able to react quickly to our clients changing requirements.

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