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Digital Signatures
Signatures affects every company and are part of every business processes. If done manually, the signing process can be time-wasting, costly, and subject to delays and workflow obstructions. Digital signatures are a legal and secure way to streamline your signing process.

No contract is legally binding in the absence of an individual’s John Hancock. For time immemorial, signatures have signified the promise parties make to one another, whether that is for the application of a loan, the rendering of services, or the sale of a product. In a perfect world, all we would need is word of mouth and a verbal promise, but the power of the written word remains unparalleled.

We live in a world of convenience, one driven and dominated by the Internet and all its glory. The digital era has permeated nearly every facet of modern life, and documents are not an exception. Chances are, you have been required to sign your name on a digital file.

Screens have replaced paper

Thanks to new age, integrate software tools, it is easier than ever to inscribe signatures electronically. The productivity garnered by companies that choose to go this route instead of the conventional paper trail is astounding to say the least, especially when you are dealing with time-sensitive files that simply cannot wait.

It goes without saying that an increasing number of software developers have delved into digital signing technology, each aiming to provide a far more accurate, safe, and easy delivery method than their predecessors and competitors. After all, there is a lot one the line when it comes to contract signing, which is why many people would much rather scribble their initials with traditional ink as opposed to on the LCD screen of an iPad.

To shed light on the heightened interest in digital signatures, there are a few trends worth noting. The first is the sheer popularity of web-based content creation. Typewriters are long gone, save for writers who keep them around for good luck tokens and who prefer to work with a bit of nostalgia.

Computer documents are the norm these days, so more and more digital signing is only to be expected. Digital storage also saves businesses a lot of money every year. Filing systems have witnessed a massive migration to the Internet as well, so an increasing number of companies and their clients are thus shifting away from hard copy.

Not surprisingly, in a study conducted by AIIM, over 4/5 of all respondents reported a healthy return on investment within the first year of using digital signing software programs. Better and more enhanced security measures are being put in place to protect people from fraudulent activity, so these systems are more efficient and safer for users than ever.

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