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Document Management Systems deliver

what you need, when and where you need it.

Information resides in multiple geographies, across multiple databases, repositories, mobile devices, and desktops. Enterprise content has become a fabric woven of many threads: documents, email, micro-blogging, social media, print, web, and mobile applications. Users are now demanding instantaneous and personal control of all this content across a variety of devices. They want business applications to function as highly interactive, highly-usable websites and applications available anytime, anywhere.

  • Retention Policies – Are you compliant?
  • Security – Is your information protected?
  • Storage Costs – Reduce your storage footprint.
  • Audits – How do you retrieve information quickly and follow its history?
  • Versioning – Do you know when you are looking at the latest version of a document?

Implementing a content management system and going paperless typically results in lower operational costs.


Why does my business need a document management system?

Today, navigating any business’s intricate labyrinth of incoming and existing documents and information is a challenge. Information is stored in diverse media such as paper, print, databases, faxes, emails, web and mobile apps. Finding the answers you need to run your business efficiently and serve your customers well can be a tedious process.

A document management system simplifies the process of capturing, storing, centralizing, organizing, and accessing information – delivering what you need whenever and wherever you need it.


Going Paperless

Converting to a paperless office provides you with the means to control the flow of information company-wide, provide better and faster service, and gain (and retain) a competitive edge in the marketplace. Organizations are eliminating paper, cutting costs, and dramatically increasing business productivity with document management systems from Reva Solutions.

The benefits of secure electronic document management are extremely widespread, and switching to a paperless office has never been easier. Organizations can access information digitally, getting instant and secure access to documents. Improve document access methods. Manage electronic business documents easier and retrieve information much faster.


Document Lifecycle

Enjoy the benefit of an enteprise-wide ECM solution that enables your organization to manage all the sensitive documents from their creation until their archiving.





Work inside and outside of your organization, with secure document sharing tools and document-level permissions.


Keep track of your documents by automatically applying metadata to your records.


Easily retrieve information across all your data repositories with an enterprise-wide search tool.


Make efficient use of your storage system with enhanced document management capabilities.


Ensure you are viewing the latest version of a document with version control and full audit control.


Be compliant with retention management solutions and purge data where you can for efficiency.

Collect complete information while avoiding data redundancy in multiple systems.
Enhance information security and ensure only preauthorized people are able to view and edit documents in accordance with your company’s rules.
Expedite processing of information by automatically routing documents in accordance with your organization’s business rules.
Automatic archiving and purging based on established retention schedules for your company’s requirements.
Manage work volumes and prevent bottlenecks, improve departmental and individual productivity – make better, faster decisions based on real-time information.
Facilitate audits faster and with greater accuracy with automated reports of transactions and interactions with all documents and data.
Receive tremendous functionality out-of-the-box and enable further customization services that address your organization’s unique challenges.
Enable business continuity planning and prevent data loss with an organized library of information.

Document Management Solution Examples

Working Collaboratively with our Customers to Deliver the Best Document Management Solutions.
Reva implemented a document management and capturing system for Raymond James, providing storage for client information, online monthly accounts, year-end, tax statements. Reva helped Raymond James completely streamline the new account process and improve existing account management solutions.
Reva developed and implemented a document management system for MWCC which improved their best practices guidance, end-user support, collaboration tools, and streamlining of the review and approval process. Reva helped MWCC change the way they managed their information and improved operational efficiency.
Reva deployed a document management and capture system for CPR and received the benefits of being able to easily and seamlessly manage their invoices and proof of delivery documents. Processing times decreased and accuracy of information increased.
Reva configured a collaborative and secure document management system for managing Transalta’s engineering drawings, supporting documents and organizational corporate documents such as HR records and proposals. Transalta benefited by having accurate information readily available with the correct document security applied.

Why do businesses choose Reva Solutions for their document management needs?

We’ve built our brand one client, one project at a time.

Over 15 years of working with various organizations across various industries worldwide.

ECM is our space, it has been since day one and we’ve stayed committed and focused on ECM technologies.

We’ve kept up to the latest offerings and our team is able to react quickly to our clients changing requirements.

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