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Existing business applications often are not well-suited to address the increasing demands of change and growth within most organizations. Efficient processes known as BPM (Business Process Management) are critical to the success of an organization, but few companies have the right tools and process in place for their business-critical content, making it difficult for users to find what they need when they need it.


Why Reva Solutions?

Reva’s ECM experts develop reliable and cost-effective business solutions to assist organizations manage and store their business content and records, while ensuring that they have an effective way to dispose of content which has met its usefulness.

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We have developed a consulting methodology that we follow on our ECM projects. The methodology defines phases, resources and activities to be performed in an assignment. Reva divides any ECM project into the following phases:




Reva defines five types of functional technical roles that fit into our methodology.

Consulting Principal –  Senior Member of our team with over 15 years of ECM solution experience and is responsible for signing off on proposed solutions.

Business Analyst – Has a good understanding of business processes and works with the customer to define business and technical requirements.

Project Manager – Manages the ECM delivery team, provides project communication and ensures client satisfaction.

Solution Architect – Over 10 years experience working on ECM projects and is responsible for defining the solution approach, managing technical resources and reporting to project manager.

Technical Developer – Implements all aspects of the architected solution: installation, configuration, development, testing, performance tuning, knowledge transfer and more.



Automated Workflows

Redesign, automate, and streamline your activity workflows in order to optimize your company daily routine activity.

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Electronic templates of official paper forms that can be filled and submitted online, while offering capabilities far above the conventional paper forms.

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Case Management

Case management is the automated numbering, tracking, and administration of your organizations’s cases – content associated to a particular interaction with (or issue involving) often an external agent such as a customer, supplier, patient, etc.

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Digital Signatures

Validate and approve your documents with a digital signature solution that provides the same authenticity as a handwritten signature while being more secure and compliant.

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