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OpenText made an announcement regarding their acquisition of their long-time partner, IGC – one of the leading developer of viewing, annotation, redaction and publishing commercial software.

With this acquisition, Opentext is expected to further integrate IGC technologies into their ECM product portfolio and OpenText Suites.

The benefits includes:

  • An even more secure content access offering, from any devices, and from any environment – on-premise and cloud.
  • Leading document viewing and markup features and tools on any devices, improving document processes and leveraging employees’ productivity.
  • Front-line Engineering Documentation Management, ensuring compliance, advanced collaboration, and document risk control.
  • Further integration of eDiscovery solutions and requirements coupled with Redact-It Enterprise, offering a cutting-edge redaction solution set.


It is interesting to note that back in 2013, IBM bought Daeja and its embeddable viewing software for similar reasons. Moreover, knowing that IGC’s Brava was tighly integrated with Documentum and is the number one choice of EMC Documentum customers, this leaves us with one question: What is going to be EMC’s next move?

Looking to deploy OpenText or any other Enterprise Content Management solutions accross your organization ?

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Having an eclectic taste for new technologies, I ramble about everything ECM and IT related – from Big Data analytics to mobile capture solutions. In particular I love to explore how today’s concerns can be addresses by tomorrow’s technologies. I moved from France to Canada over 1 year ago when I started working with Reva as a Marketing Coordinator.

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  1. Hmmm. One of the teaser feautres of the new Alfresco release is that they have implemented the SharePoint API that the EU forced exposure of. Mark Logic is working on a connector for SharePoint that among other things supports the ability to mirror a SharePoint document library to a directory in the MarkLogic repository. So the question I’m dying to ask is this As a result of these two facts, will I be able, in the reasonable future, to use Alfresco as my content management front end while storing my documents in MarkLogic?

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