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The To-Do List to Migrate your Content to the Cloud

Migrating from an on-premise ECM solution to a Cloud-based ECM is challenging, but following these recommendations will make the transition smoother. Granted that you carefully considered your organizations’ needs, goals and requirements and decided that a cloud-based ECM would the appropriate solution, you still have to be careful when migrating your content to a cloud [...]

Healthcare Organizations, in Great Need of the ECM Cure

When today's Healthcare Industry is becoming increasingly data-driven, it becomes apparent that a simple EHR system is not enough to manage clinical, patient and administrative information. Today’s Healthcare industry is changing and dealing with challenges such as increasing costs, deficit of skilled employees, warring quality of services, increasing demand for value, and a growing amount [...]

Mobile Capture, Do it the Right Way!

Interested in Mobile Capture? Before anything, take a look at this guide to make sure you're doing it right. With the increased capabilities of mobile devices and the rise of advanced capture technologies such as optical character recognition (OCR), the adoption of mobile capture solution by organizations is more and more common. However this is [...]

ECM and Big Data, Better Together

Big Data and Enterprise Content management sounds like be a great combination if done carefully.  Here's why: Big Data is a broad used to describe the exponential growth of data (structured and unstructured) in the form of blogs, social media, videos, audios, electronic files, paper-based content and office documents. Traditionally, Big Data has several dimensions [...]

CMEE 8.5 – Why should we consider a upgrade from older versions

IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition v8.5 (IBM CMEE v8.5) has been realeased a while ago. In this post, we will go through the reasons why you should consider upgrading to this newest version. IBM Content Manager Enterprise Edition is a complete solution for storing and retrieving documents. Content Manager EE features multi-operating system support, client [...]