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Alfresco: Tree View with CSS

Learn how to display a Tree View in Alfresco with collapsible capacity without any plugin, simply by using CSS. Last week I had to display results in Tree View, with collapsible capacity. As you know there are many plug-ins extensions available and I’ve seen various examples about doing it with CSS. They’ve all required JavaScript [...]

How to: Migrate (and Upgrade) IBM® Content Manager OnDemand

Follow our 7-step tutorial to understand how to migrate and upgrade IBM® Content Manager OnDemand. In this tutorial we are going to learn about how can we Migrate IBM® Content Manager OnDemand servers across hardware along with upgrading to desired software version. Upgrade across platforms or change in DB type is out of scope for this tutorial. We can [...]

IBM Content Manager OnDemand: Working with ODWEK

Follow our tutorial to get started with OnDemand Web Enablement Kit (ODWEK) for IBM Content Manager OnDemand. What is ODWEK: ODWEK provides a programming interface that can be used for searching and retrieval of documents from Content Manager OnDemand servers. ODWEK allows users to access data that is stored in an IBM Content Manager OnDemand server with [...]

How-to: Add Filter in Document Library Alfresco Share

This week's How-to will explain you how to add filters in the Alfresco Share's Document Library in order to optimize your search logic. Normally we use Search or Advanced Search to get the desired results. How about a having a filter in document library tool bar to filter the results with name, title, content or [...]