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Content Management System
By this point, you are likely familiar with the phrase, “content is king.” If this statement had any truth upon its inception, words have now become the crowned jewel of the Internet marketing landscape.

Prominent search engines like Google and Bing scrutinize web pages to a high degree to ensure the provided copy is functional, informative, and creative. While there are indeed many elements to every successful online advertising platform, effective content management will forever be an indispensable component.

Knowing how to manage your company’s or your client’s copy can be tricky and just as difficult as creating the content itself. Common questions often raised by business owners include, “How many blogs should I write for my client per month,” “What is the most efficient content management system,” and “What platform offer the most user-friendly features?”

Unfortunately, you cannot expect to have much success unless you know the answers to these very important inquiries.

Check the stats

Regardless of what content management system (CMS) you decide to use, paying close attention to the metrics on a day-to-day basis is crucial. The data never lies, so if you’re curious whether your current strategy may be falling to the wayside or not delivering the intended results, always check this first.

Another key benefit of metric analysis is that it’s predictive. In other words, don’t make changes to something that is working well. Feel free to play around with various strategies, but keep a record of their respective trends for future reference.

The more often you perform a thorough analysis, the better. It may be time-consuming and one of the last tasks you want to perform, but it is essential from a marketing perspective. Businesses lose thousands in advertising expenditures every year due to making these mistakes.

CMS changes happen all the time, and are sometimes quite significant. Being unaware of new features and configurations can severely hinder your content strategy, which is another reason why it is important to stay in the loop. These system updates may be free or they may require the help of a vendor to install and implement, but they should be noticed nonetheless.

The best thing you can do when it comes to improving upon your current marketing strategy is consulting a CMS analyst. Hiring an expert to handle the technical, backend work frees up a lot of company’s time and resources, and prevents you from making costly errors.

Reva Solutions will help you design, implement and deploy the Content Management System built for your needs.

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