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2015 is coming with a new batch of trends, but which ones should you be keeping your eyes on?
To help you, Reva established a top of the 2015 trends that are going to significantly affect the Enterprise Content Management industry.


Today and especially in the coming year, solely managing information is not enough anymore. Putting to use that information is now the key: why keeping your content neatly organized if you do not make the best of it? 2015 is going to be all about making that information the center of your business strategy, and Case Management Solutions – i.e. the management of bundles of content mixing processes, people, and information – are set to rise and empower knowledge workers.



Collaboration is one of the keywords in the ECM market of 2015. The sharing, updating and syncing of files is further enhanced, making collaboration between workers seamless – whether inside or outside the firewall – while increasing the levels of security. Multiple platforms compatibility is a must-have, and better communications and social tools are going to make the difference.



According to Gartner, cloud computing is going to define the landscape of the tech industry in 2015 and ECM systems are no exceptions. The storage and security capabilities are set to increase whereas the costs are being cut down, guaranteeing an even greater ROI for the cloud adopters. The hybrid model (a CMS based based in the cloud and on-premise) is expected to shine in 2015, offering both flexibility and security.



Open-source content management systems such as Alfresco are going to be on the front scene in 2015. These platforms are greatly customizable and operative sandboxes, gathering developers and communities to work collaboratively and enhance the existing system by developing out-of-the box features and add-ons. In short, a win-win situation for the ECM companies that follow this business model.

Do you have a business challenge that you would like to solve or a specific solution that you would like to implement in 2015?

Sarah Viala
Having an eclectic taste for new technologies, I ramble about everything ECM and IT related – from Big Data analytics to mobile capture solutions. In particular I love to explore how today’s concerns can be addresses by tomorrow’s technologies. I moved from France to Canada over 1 year ago when I started working with Reva as a Marketing Coordinator.

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